What is love? – in the love stories of Saikano (She, The Ultimate Weapon)

The love portrayed by the author is a torn one. It is torn by war, torn by timidity, torn by ambiguity and desperation, torn by mistrust. Although the setting of the story is somehow foreign to us, yet the emotions, the ups and downs of relationship are as vivid as those of our everyday lives, if not more significant.

The love between Chise and Shuji may have been just normal awkward first love if not because of war. After she has been turned to deadly a weapon, she struggled to maintain her humanity when degenerated each time she fights a battle. Shuji was frightened by her transformation and yet by pretending to be indifferent her change, he hurts her feelings deeply. They could not hurt each other without hurting themselves. Shuji sent her to the battlefield each time with a smile as if nothing matters, but he finally dared to face his true feeling and escaped with her. The escape from war, from the reality has not been an easy way out. They loved each other desperately and exhaustively. Shuji tried so hard to stop the machine from taking over her body by hugging her and kissing her when she lost her humanity bit by bit. In the end, their love transcended everything. Even Chise lost her heartbeat; she remained in love with Shuji when she heard his. Takahashi tries to show that as long as there is love, and as long as both are true to their feelings, they can learn to overcome all the difficulties in life, even something as formidable as war. Sometimes, Kanojo just needs a hug that can tolerate her everything; even she just destroys a city and hands stained with blood…

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The love between Shuji and Fuyumi and the love between Tetsu and Chise may not be called love. Fuyimi, while being the teacher of Shuji, had “educated” him about sex. That planted in his heart the complicated feelings of first experience and made him enter the adult world pre-maturely. Yet he did not want to grow but hided away from the reality when Fuyimi asked him to go with her. She is his adult imagination and the harbor he would stop by when he faced difficulties in his relationship with Chise. Both are kind of using each other for relieves when they are thirsty and longing for love. However, in the end when Shuji could finally be courageous to face the reality and decide to stay with Chise, he left Fuyumi and as well left his last comfort zone of childhood.

Tetsu happened to be there when Chise decided to turn to ruthless weapon after a lot of her disappointment with Shuji. A matured man with such tenderness that could really made Chise forget about Shuji for a while. He is the only one who treated Chise as normal girl. His mature thoughts and actions have been the best reliance of Chise. Chise might have already fallen for him but Tetsu’s true love was still Fuyumi. They lived in the ruins of the city, sharing all the happiness and pains of war. However, Chise could not let go of her first love with Shuji, neither sex was what she wanted from Tetsu. It ended when Tetsu was killed by enemy and died in the arms of Chise. In the end she picked up herself and walked on more courageously.

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Do not indulge into the past, make it precious experiences and from then on live a new life strong and determined.

The love between Akemi and Atsushi has been a very sad one. It is common in Japanese anime that the somewhat introverted male character always has a very tomboyish childhood mate. Here, Akemi was Shuji’s childhood mate. She loved him a very long time ago but always kept it with herself. Atsushi was one of the best friends of Shuji and he loved Akemi. Despite of knowing that she was in love with his good friend Shuji, Atsushi declared to be her boyfriend since Shuji and Chise were together and there was no room left for Akemi. She was the reason for him to go to the army. He wanted to protect her. Knowing that his love would have yield nothing, he chose to be deceived by his own beautiful dream. At the same time, Akemi, knowing her love for Shuji would not be paid of; she chose to rely on Atsushi’s love for hope and gave him her body. Though selfish, but it is helpless since everyone has his own reason of doing so. In the end, they both died in raid, thus ended the bitter story.

Sometimes it maybe a blessing to just believe lies than to bear the truth. Everyone will manage to find reasons for his despair. This kind of sadness is helpless because in love you can’t tell who’s right or wrong, it is their choice.

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