Shinto religion and the magical girls anime genre

What are the 4 affirmations of the Shinto Religion?

The 4 affirmations of the Shinto Religion are Tradition and Family, the Love for Nature, Physical Cleanliness and Matsuri, which are festivals and rituals held in honour of the spirits.

What are the 3 affirmations that are well reflected in the anime that we have touched on for Magical Girls?

The 3 affirmations that are mentioned in the anime are Tradition and Family, the Love for Nature and Physical Cleanliness.

Tradition and Family are emphasized as they symbolise the path in which culture and traditions are being passed down from generations to generations. Examples can be found in Cardcaptor Sakura and Pretear. In Cardcaptor Sakura, there is a strong relationship between Sakura and her family members. It is shown through the help and support that they give one another. As for Pretear, the need for family support is shown when Mawata is trapped in the Great Tree, where her family members stood by her to save her. Furthermore without family support or attention, that is how Mawata ends up as the Dark puppet, controlled by her loneliness and hatred for the world.

Love for Nature is emphasized as the Japanese believe that every object in nature is sacred and contains a spirits and symbolises the connection with God. Pretear portrays the need for the love for nature. Throughout the whole series, great emphasise is placed on the Leafe that are life-givers. For example, if the Leafe are sucked from the Leafe Knights, then they will not be able to survive. This shows that nature is a very important source of life and it contains the spirits that give us life.

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Lastly, Physical Cleanliness is emphasized especially in the presence of God. Shintoists frequently bathe and clean themselves as part of the purification ritual. In the anime, physical cleanliness is shown but not in the way of purification ritual. In Pretear, the last episode where Himeno turns into a Snow Pretear, she gave away her Leafe that falls to the ground as Snow. Snow symbolises purity. Hence the snow actually cleanses those that are injured and who have sinned. This cleanses people physically and spiritually. Therefore physical cleanliness in this case is shown through the purification by a natural element rather than by purification rituals.

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